The unfamiliar city

“I think traveling is a fundamental cornerstone of personal growth. There are few things I enjoy more than those first days in an unknown city or countryside — where you can feel your memory of that locale being painted with broad, thick strokes of new experience.” – Craig Mod (

It’s all about the unknown. It’s about the feeling that anything could happen — where anything might be happening already, just around the next corner. Big cities retain that feeling, and remain unknowable; there’s always a new corner to turn or door open.

Fictional cities are built from that feeling. There could be anything behind each closed door.

Just like at the start of any project or creative process. Anything can happen. And as soon as you start, that anything begins to get narrower and narrower, more and more specific, until it becomes something.

Hopefully, that feeling as the unlimited potential diminishes will be balanced by the building excitement of seeing the thing emerge; but conserving that sense of potential isn’t a reason not to start. After all, by the time you’re at the start of your next project, it’s likely that there will be even more potential — expanding out from everything you’ve learned and achieved during the first one.