Today we’ve been making pictures again. Playing with a digital pinhole camera that we fixed up by taking the lens off the SLR, adding a bit of black wrap foil and a tiny hole.

It’s been a break through – adding another low-fi element to our toolbox. The hazy photos seem to add a helpful layer to our visual interpretation of the story… playing a little with the sharpness of reality accentuates the atmosphere of the cityscapes scenes we’re creating.

This lead to lots of test shots – experimentation with numbers of holes in the “lens”– which adds a shadowy double exposure quality to the pictures, playing with different sizes of hole, and different gels to add a colour element to the images. It will be interesting crafting a flow and variety between the images in order to create a whole.

It’s good to be hands on again after a period of discussion figuring out the shape of the project. We had such multiple ideas for the outcome of the project, getting back to basics and getting excited about the image making again allows the work to take the fore and hopefully the form of the exhibition will bubble up from that.

[This post was written by Becky, but technology defeated us both, so it ended up being posted by Ben, eventually.]