I’ve just been writing copy about the project for the mac brochure. I find that it’s always difficult to write about your own work, so I’ve been trying to keep focussed on the project itself. Whilst I was at it, I’ve been reflecting upon progress so far.

We’re about halfway through the process, and its going well, I think. We’ve definitely found a shared aesthetic, and we’ve made some pretty decent initial work.

One of the hardest things for me is keeping it all contained. One idea leads to another, and another, and it would be easy for the project to expand out of all proportion. This is excited but also frustrating – especially when some of the bigger, crazier, further-from-the-initial-premise ideas seem so compelling, and are least able to be squeezed back into the frame of this piece of work.

But I’m trying not to get too frustrated, and to find the positive in this: part of the intention of this project was to allow Becky and I an opportunity to begin to take the lead in making our own work, and to give us time to develop our practices as individual artists. From my perspective half-way through this process, it’s bloody brilliant that we can’t fit all our ideas into this one box!

Next time, perhaps we can cut the box up and see if people want to make things from it.