Last week we got into a rhythm, making in the morning and shooting in the afternoon. We set ourselves a challenge to complete a sequence of 25 images by the end of Friday. These shots refer to sections of the text and an image is created depicting elements of the story. There has been a lot miniature making –  bollards, trams, pigeons… These pieces often only end up adding texture to a picture, or casting a shadow – but help give the image a visual integrity and add useful ‘noise’ to our blurry pictures.

We are planning not to tinker much in post production (photoshop!), so are taking a lot of care in setting up the shot… we have no control over the aperture using the pinhole camera, shutter speed is how we create the shot… there have been a few 20 second pauses as the picture takes!

Colour has been important and we’ve been placing different gels in front of the pinhole – different sections are taken in different hues and we hope to use a subtle colour arc across the story. Each day a couple of images out of the hundreds we have shot make it up to the wall to make a part of the sequence. It builds gradually and the visual story is beginning to form.