Mister Volder Goes To The City is a collaborative exhibition project, created by Ben Pacey and Rebecca Hurst.

Inspired by a short story written by Ben, we worked together to create a series of images to accompany the text, using collage, illustration, lo-fi cardboard models, lighting and a lo-fi form of digital pin-hole photography.

The exhibition comprised several elements: five large mounted photographs, a book containing the original story and more images, a short animation which further developed the atmosphere of Mister Volder’s city (with sound by Lewis Gibson), a small part of the cardboard city used in creating the photographs, and a postcard-based participatory activitiy which encouraged visitors to the gallery to make creative photographs of their own.

The exhibition was commissioned by mac Birmingham, and was presented there between 10 November 2012 – 20 January 2013, where approximately 111,000 people experienced it. The project was funded by Arts Council England.

For more about the project, please visit www.mistervolder.co.uk